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Popular snacks.

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Deep-Fried Scallops (炸扇贝) (8 pcs)

Moist and tender, these crispy golden fried scallops are a treat. One order...
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Fried Cheese Wontons (炸起司馄饨) (6 pcs) Vegetarian

Vegetarian. One order comes with six pieces.
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Fried Fish Balls (炸鱼丸) (6 pcs)

First-class fish balls are selected.
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Fried Octopus Balls/Takoyaki (章鱼烧) (6 pcs)

First-class fish balls are selected, which is made of a wheat flour-based...
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Ginger Beef

This is Alberta's popular food, it tastes sour and sweet.
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Popcorn Chicken (鸡米花)

It’s crispy and delicious and a favorite with so many!
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Shrimp Tempura (天妇罗炸虾) (6 pcs)

The classic Japanese-style fried shrimps.
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Vegetable Spring Rolls (6 pcs)

Special marinated veggies spring rolls. It is crispy but not greasy, made...
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Vietnam Spring Rolls (Pork and Chicken) (4 pcs)

This is classic fried Vietnam's spring rolls, which is 4 pcs.